About Us
Julian and Virginia Cooke is the team behind Movement Mentors. With a passion for mindful movement, they are trained in realistic exercise systems and healing modalities that help people find comfort and ease within their bodies.

Virginia Cooke discovered CALLANETICS® in the 1980s and learned the exercises from the original book and then a video. She then put it aside to embark on other exercises and didn’t realise how damaging they had been until she rediscovered CALLANETICS® in the mid 2000s. While researching low carb eating, Virginia found a forum where people from all over the world were discussing CALLANETICS® , and a woman called Sandra Hanna was very knowledgably answering their questions.

Virginia was intrigued as she’d never forgotten how good she’d felt when doing CALLANETICS® . After looking to see if there was an instructor in Canberra (of course there wasn’t!) she had a light bulb moment and decided to train. She certified in December 2012 and has since done advanced training with Lead Global trainer Sandra Hanna of Gold Coast CALLANETICS® .

Virginia is passionate about the difference that CALLANETICS® makes to her students, particularly with functional every day tasks such as getting out of a chair or the car seat, putting on one’s socks, standing for long periods of time, or gardening … all of these tasks become easier and more enjoyable to do. And if you want a ‘peachy behind’, that happens as well!

Virginia also teaches two Ageless Grace (link to AG page) classes each week, and will soon train in Tai Chi for Arthritis and chair yoga. She has many plans for Movement Mentors in 2018 and beyond.

Julian Cooke is an army officer by day, but enjoys tapping into his intuitive side with his work in Horstmann Technique and tai chi. Julian is a natural healer, with a practical and realistic approach that comes from his extensive studies in anatomy and physiology and his training in Defence medical areas. He trained in Horstmann Technique one-on-one with the founder Trish Trowbridge in early 2017. He has since had remarkable success treating some of Virginia’s CALLANETICS® students who have back, shoulder, and hip issues. This has allowed them to benefit more from their CALLANETICS® classes, and has given them better range of movement and quality of life.

At the moment, Julian sees a maximum of four clients per week. Trained in all three levels of Yang Tai Chi, Julian will also train in Tai Chi for Arthritis in early 2018.