CALLANETICS® Exercises with Virginia

Rarely, Virginia may need to cancel a class in an emergency. She will text you with as much notice as possible, and reschedule that class. If this affects your plans to finish a block of classes by a certain date, please let Virginia know. She will refund you for that class if other times don’t suit you.

Virginia doesn’t teach by school terms as I want you to be able to do CALLANETICS® at any time, and I don’t want to take my holidays in school holiday time! If I’m closing the studio for any reason, I will give you plenty of notice.

You’ll receive an automated email reminder the day before your booked class, as well as a text reminder (you can opt out if you don’t want to receive both)

Virginia teaches from her home in Harrison so she don’t have to hire a venue and can keep costs down, which are then passed on to students. There’s plenty of parking, heating and cooling, a portable ballet barre, and a comfortable and attractive environment to do the classes. If you can’t get to Harrison, talk to Virginia about doing a 45 minute lunchtime class in your workplace, or a daytime class in your home or other venue. Prices negotiable.

CALLANETICS® Canberra is a small studio and classes are capped at a maximum of eight students. This is so that Virginia can give personal attention to each student’s exercise and health goals. You won’t feel lost in the crowd in a CALLANETICS® class.

Please come on time to your first class with your Health Waiver form filled in (I will have emailed this to you when you book in). If you haven’t been able to fill it in, allow an extra five minutes to do this. You’ll then be taken through a five minute orientation, including an overview of the CALLANETICS® Concepts, followed by approximately 10 minutes to relax on a bolster before class starts.

The first 15 minutes is settling in/stretch time. You can stretch and relax on a bolster, or do a sequence of stretch exercises that are taught in either the introductory workshop, or in a special class when there are enough students to run it. The stretch sequences helps to prepare you physically and mentally for the class.

The stretch class is run every six weeks or so on a Saturday morning. The cost is $12.

Due to the small and personal nature of the classes, students book into a regular ‘home’ class. This is so that you can plan your time, and I can plan class size. If something comes up up to three hours before your your regular class, log in to your account and find another class to reschedule yourself into (subject to availability). You can access your account anytime to check how many classes you have left, or reschedule classes in advance.

If there is an emergency just before the class, text Virginia who may reschedule the class for you. You have two opportunities for this ‘emergency’ reschedule per 10-class package.

You have 12 weeks from the date of purchase to complete your 10-class block. Check the Book Classes page to book your classes. (*The Extra Flexible Package allows you an extra two weeks to do your ten classes, ie 14 weeks for $190)

Regular attendance at class develops a good habit and means you’re more likely to get the good results that you want. Also, CALLANETICS® classes are limited to eight participants. I need to guarantee places for students booking in for a block of time. If you don’t attend your booked class, I have allocated a place that I may not be able to fill at short notice.

I don’t teach by school terms so that students can join at any time. Also, I generally prefer to have time off out of school holiday times. I will always supply adequate notice of any time away and your classes will be suspended, and will continue when I return.

All students are required to fill in a Health Liability Waiver form noting any physical limitations or health concerns so Virginia can modify exercises if necessary. This must be brought to your first class. You will receive the form to you when you book.

If you’re doing a 10-class block, you can bring a friend to class, or tell them about it (booking required). Your friend’s class is free, and a free class will be credited to your account.

Wear comfortable stretchy clothing (not too baggy), so that you can see your muscles working. If you want to wear baggier clothing to begin with that’s fine; you’ll soon want to wear closer fitting workout gear.

  • There is no refund for change of mind.
  • In the event of extended illness or family issues, contact Virginia. She may suspend your classes until you are able to continue. This applies to any package. Students are entitled to ONE only extension.
  • All students use the online scheduler to manage their classes. If this is an issue for you, contact me and I will reschedule class for you. NOTE: all class reschedules are subject to availability and MUST be completed within the agreed booking window, ie 12 weeks, or 14 weeks for the more flexible package.
  • You have up to three hours before your scheduled class to reschedule it. In an emergency after that time, text Virginia who may reschedule the class for you.

Balls, foam blocks, belts, and foam half cylinders for stretching and as exercise aids.