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  • Isometric Strength Training For Faster Results
  • Better Body Tone, Flexibility, Posture, Balance
  • Move With Comfort & Ease
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Stretchtone is no-impact, isometric toning exercise. The exercises use slow, small, repetitive movements to stretch and contract the largest muscle groups. These movements reach deep into the muscle fibres to give you a strong, firm body, without adding bulk.


What is the Horstmann Technique?
The Horstmann Technique is a relaxing energy-based bodywork therapy. The therapist gently manipulates the back, neck, shoulders, or feet to release blocked emotional and mental stresses.


Ageless Grace® is a simple, fun fitness program for body and brain, set to music. It is done seated to support and work the core of the body. It promotes the ‘Three R’s’ of lifelong comfort and ease – the ability to respond, react, and recover efficiently and safely.


Trial/Casual Classes

From$ 20

Group Classes:

No impact isometric strength training Callanetics® Exercises with Virginia.

Private Classes

From$ 60

45 minutes

Virginia will take you through a short, gentle stretch sequence which will help you benefit more from your Callanetics classes.

We will then do some basic Callanetics exercises so that I can assess your level of ability for regular classes. Further sessions can be arranged with content adapted to your changing needs.


From$ 45

Intro to Callanetics: Stretch & Tone Without Raising a Sweat, 10am-1pm

3 hours

This intro workshop is suitable for all levels. Learn how and why Callan Pinckney developed this no impact exercise technique which helps you become strong, toned and flexible.

Stretch sequence, morning tea, and beginner's class included. Next workshop TBA.

Horstmann Technique

From$ 45

Horstmann Technique treatment with Julian.

Session length is 45-60 minutes.

$45 trial session for current Callanetics clients. Initial package of three sessions $110 for current Callanetics clients.$50 per session for current Callanetics clients.

$60 standard fee per session.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

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