Ageless Grace® is a simple, fun fitness program for body and brain, set to music. It is done seated to support and work the core of the body. It promotes the ‘Three R’s’ of lifelong comfort and ease – the ability to respond, react, and recover efficiently and safely.

Ageless Grace® is great for levels of ability. It is made up of 21 exercise ‘tools’ which use functional movements to stimulate the five areas of the brain – analytical thinking, strategic planning, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall, and creativity and imagination.

The tools are based on the science of neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to reopen old, and build new, neural pathways.

Until young adulthood we develop functional and cognitive skills through games, sports and activities. Ageless Grace re-opens those neural pathways and creates new ones as we practice the movements.

Each of the Ageless Grace tools focuses on an anti-ageing factor:

– joint mobility
– spinal flexibility
– right-left brain coordination
– bone density
– kinesthetic learning
– cognitive function
– systemic health
– balance
– fall prevention
– self esteem
– confidence
– playfulness.

The Ageless Grace tools incorporate imagery, creativity, variety, polarity, sound, expression, words and games. The movements release endorphins and engage the nervous system. There are right and left-brain activities to allow the brain to direct the movement in a random or specific sequence.

How does an Ageless Grace class work?
The educator places chairs in a circle to encourage inclusion. A selection of the tools is chosen to make up the 30 minute demo, or 45 minute regular, seated class. The educator leads the class, so all movements are done by imitation. There’s no choregraphy to learn. However, participants are encouraged to contribute ideas if they wish to.

Everyone participates at their level of ability – Ageless Grace is not competitive. One tool is used for each (approximately) three minute long song. The music selected is usually from participants’ era, so it encourages memory recall. The class varies each week.

Founder Denise Medved says, ‘As we get older, we may get stiff and therefore we think we can no longer do things. This may not be correct, but this thinking stops us feeling that we can move and exercise, and we then lose the ability to do so. We still have the neural pathway, it just needs to be reopened.’

Ageless Grace 21 Exercise Tools:

1. Juicy Joints
Joint Mobility and Flexibility, Circulation

2. Dive In!
Upper Body and Abdominal Strength, Coordination

3. Spelling “B” (for Body)
Cognitive Function, Kinesthetic Learning, Range of Motion

4. Front Row Orchestra
Spinal Flexion, Right-left Brain Coordination, Eye-Hand Coordination

5. Zoo-ology
Breath Support, Fall Prevention, Cognitive Function (Memory/Recall and Imagination), Sense of Humor

6. Try Chi
Joint Stability, Eye-Hand Coordination, Breathing

7. Yo Baby!
Flexibility, Alignment, Joint Stability

8. Body Math
Cognitive Function, Agility, Neural Response

9. Gentle Geometry
Coordination, Neural Response, Multi-skilling, Sense of Humour – click here to watch an example of Gentle Geometry

10. Rockin’ Rockettes
Lower Body Strength, Hip Mobility, Ankle and Foot Flexibility, Arch Support

11. Spaghetti Spine
Flexibility, Mobility and Nervous System Stimulation

12. Express Yourself!
Mobility and Agility in the hands, fingers, arms and shoulders

13. ‘Power’ Tools
Imagination, Memory/Recall, stimulation of shoulder, arm, hand muscles and ligaments, Coordination

14. Saving Face
Stimulation and Coordination of Facial Muscles, Headache Relief, Release of TMJ and other Tension, Sense of Humour

15. Balancing Act
Fall Prevention, Inner Ear Fluid Stimulation, Bone Density

16. Breathe Out Loud
Oxygenation of Cells (bloodstream, muscles, brain), Sense of Humour, Stress Relief

17. Grab Bag
Hand and Finger Muscles, Joint Flexibility and Mobility, Eye-hand Coordination, Right/left Brain Function

18. Shake It Up Baby!
Nervous System Stimulation, Skin and Connective Tissue Health, Agility

19. Team Fit
Physical and Eye-Hand Coordination, Muscle Memory, Cognitive Function (Memory/Recall/Strategic Thinking)

20. Get Down, Get Up!
Cardiovascular Conditioning, Spinal Health and Flexibility, Bone Density. Fall Prevention

21. Dance Party!
Emotional Expression, Memory/Recall, Cardiovascular Conditioning
You can see a short video on Ageless Grace® and neuroplasticity here.
Visit the Australian website for information about the program.

About Denise Medved, founder and creator of Ageless Grace®
The Ageless Grace® fitness program was developed by US born gerontologist Denise Medved. While she spent many years in the world of advertising and public relations, Medved also is a Black Belt Nia Technique trainer and teacher, personal trainer, and a tai chi instructor.

Denise believes that many signs of ageing are due to a lack of practice of the skills we need to maintain youthful function.
She wanted to change the model of ageing in the world, beginning with the brain. She spent seven years developing Ageless Grace®: 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease™, which incorporates the latest research in neuroplasticity.

Virginia conducts Ageless Grace® classes at The Grove, Ngunnawal every Tuesday, 2–2.45pm.
First class is free. Six-class pass (12 weeks to use) is $45. Casual attendance $10.
Bookings essential. Contact Virginia 0411 952 598

Find out more at http://www.agelessgrace.com.au